Monday, August 18, 2008

Vacation continues...

I may or may not have spent the past 4 hours on the couch flipping between the Olympics and an America's Next Top Model marathon (one I have seen at least three times).  But I see nothing wrong with any of this.  Because I am on vacation.  And once I get back from Central America, its unclear when  I'll have a chance to spend this much time on the couch again.  I need to live it up!  On the couch.  

The past few weekends have been pretty jam-packed.  Weekend before last, I went up to Seattle to see friends and to meet up with Watari Sensei, my favorite Japanese English teacher from back in Mine.  The plan was to meet Watari at Safeco for a Mariner's game, but we never really solidified plans before she left Japan.  So when I got to Seattle, I was a little worried about how we would actually find each other.  I became even more worried when I called the number of the woman Watari was staying with and left the following message for a man named John:  "Um, hi, I'm looking for Watari Sensei?  This is Abra, we are supposed to meet up for the game tomorrow?  Um, so if this is actually where Watari Sensei is staying could you please have her get in touch with me?"  I'm pretty sure John likely thought he was receiving a prank call.

Eventually, Watari Sense called me, and we met up at the game without a hitch (well, actually there was a slight hitch - she told me to meet by the big "grass" by Safeco, when apparently what she meant was the big "glass" glove thing by the gate).  We had great seats on the first base line, perfect for taking pictures of Ichiro every time he made it on base.  While the game was a great time, the highlight had nothing to do with baseball.  When we were walking to our states, we heard someone shouting out names.  I was like, who could possibly know both of us?  I turned around and sitting exactly two rows behind us was Hayashi Sense, another one of my Japanese English teachers!  While she knows Watari well from many years spent educating the youth of Mine, the two had no clue that both of them were spending their breaks traveling in Canada and Washington, and were also blown away to see each other at the game.  Eventually, Hayashi came and sat on the other side of me, and it was just like old times in Japan with the two of them chatting in Japanese, and me flipping my head to side to side, nodding, like I am following the conversation when in reality I had no clue what either one of them was saying.

This past weekend was Jolina's wedding.  Everything went really well, and I was really happy to be a part of it.  The highlights beyond the ceremony itself were probably Brian dancing with my mom and Ryan (you know, the guy in middle school who looked like he was 30 and had a mustache when he was a twelve year old sixth grader) repeatedly hitting on Claire and calling my Abraham.  

I'm currently at a crossroads.  Another Top Model episode is about to start.  I could continue sitting here, and wait to see who wins (CariDee, in case anyone was wondering) or I suppose I could get dressed and consider leaving the house.  I think I'm going to stay on the couch.  


caruthers world said...
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Brian said...

Claire seemed to be hearing it from multiple people that night. I was a little envious that it wasn't me getting half of my face caressed slowly.

Maggie said...

I'm glad to see you're living you're vacation the same way I am :) I'm working on the unpacking but so often I just find myself sitting down and watching the Olympics :) Can't wait to see you tonight!