Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post bar life

I'd like to think the bar is behind me.  And technically, it is.  Exactly one week behind me.  Last Wednesday at about this time I was halfway through my fourth Raspberry Stoli and soda and barely managing to stay halfway on my bar stool.  But even though I'm done studying, I have yet to completely move past the Hell that was the past two months.  For instance, almost every night I have some bar related dream.  The scariest one involved sitting in the JELL office, trying to decide if I should take something called "Bar 2" which was an optional test taken a week after the bar that would increase your chances of passing.  Messed up stuff.  At least I've started to stop going through the elements of negligence every time I see a puddle on the ground.  But I will admit that while running laps today at Reed, I considered explaining to a bunch of construction workers why their site was definitely an attractive nuisance. 

I've decided though that I really am just going to put the bar out of my head until September 12th.  What I think will help with this is that I can't remember any of the questions of the test and I decided it was not worth it to try and check my answers when I did remember the questions.  What will also help is that I have a Central American vacation to plan.  In less than a month, I'll be heading to the east coast for a week, followed by about a month in Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, where I will master surfing, get really tan, help Natasha make a sign reading "Second Base Only" in Spanish and visit tortilla factories.  Its going to be great.  

In other news, I have found my perfect apartment at a perfect location and will be moving in October 1st.  I'm not sure I am going to have any perfect furniture with which to furnish the apartment, but I just finished reading this book, The Glass Castle, which is a memoir about growing up with parents who basically decided they would be poor, and I got a lot of ideas for furniture, including cardboard boxes for beds.  I'm thinking cardboard boxes can also be tables! One of the reasons my apartment is perfect is because all dogs are welcome (except for aggressive breeds) so soon after I move in, I plan to adopt (a dog, not a child), name him Johnny Potato and take him for lots of walks at the park across the street (like I said, perfect location).  

I'm thinking my life can't be any more boring than it was while studying for the bar, so if I managed to come up with some things to write about then, I will definitely be able to increase my blogging time now that (hopefully) exciting things will be happening.  I think that the simple fact that my vow of sobriety has ended will up the excitement factor 200% at least. 

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Marie said...

YAY apartment! when do i get to visit after you move in? when are you going to come meet my kittens? are we going to get to hang out before you take off for places unknown to get to second base with unknown central americans?